Green Tea

Characteristics of Green Tea CASA:

With modern processing technology, Tra Xanh CASA completely preserves the precious essences in each freshly grown Bao Loc tea buds with delicious and delicious flavors and beneficial ingredients for users' health.
Diners will be extremely satisfied with the crisp, crisp tea petals, fresh and clean colors and mild scent. When mixed into 1 cup of tea with attractive green yellow. Enjoy the delicious taste with the light taste on the tongue when new lips, then will wake up the sweet sweetness, bring a refreshing and refreshing feeling to diners.


Prevention of cancer, elimination of toxins
Weight loss, anti-aging
Reduce stress fatigue
Immune enhancement, beneficial for digestion
Reduce cholesterol and blood sugar
Prevention of diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis
Beautify skin and hair

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