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First of all, CASA CO., LTD. Sends greetings and best wishes to every CASA customer who is always healthy,successful, happy family, together with CaSa, wish Our relationship is sustainable and continuous.
CASA COFFEE & TEA - Get Quality Instead of Ads!

Coffee is a drink that is favored all over the world in addition to helping us to stay alert, enhance mental and intellectual activities, create positive psychological well-being, coffee is also a lot. Uses for human health.
However, nowadays, there are many businesses and production bases for profit and have been "heartless" to create "dirty coffee", "coffee" harmful to the health of consumers. right. As the press recently published the type of "dirty coffee": in addition to a little coffee left is soybeans, corn and about a dozen toxic chemicals such as: Glue), white foam, caramelized odor, milkshakes, cocoa beans, coffee, industrial butter, chemical sugar, vanilla powder ... are flooding the market and roaring a bell to warn the whole commune foul.
On the consumer side, we also find it heartbreaking and painful that Vietnam is "the world's second largest exporter of coffee" with quality coffee beans that are popular with the population. Drinking "non-coffee" drinks.
With the desire to return true value for Vietnamese coffee beans, especially to help consumers have more choices to find the product "real coffee", "clean coffee". With a commitment: give people enjoy a 100% clean coffee, not harmful to health. Because we are committed to:
- CASA's raw materials are carefully selected from coffee farms in Bao Loc that are grown and tended to meet the standards of clean coffee.
- CASA COFFEE is 100% pure coffee does not use other agricultural products to mix to lose the sweet taste of coffee.
- CASA COFFEE does not use colorants, preservatives.
- Do not use additives that harm the health of consumers ...
- And the color and smell of CASA COFFEE are roasted and blended harmoniously from two types of coffee beans: Robusta, Arabica.
- The product has been analyzed and tested according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 2000: 2005 ... before reaching consumers, ensuring a clean finished product.
CASA COFFEE exquisite taste of coffee - the coffee of health;


In addition to producing CASA we also produce tea
In the sticky, sticky from simple to high, drinking tea has long been an indispensable habit for Vietnamese people from unknown times. This habit exists in every corner, in the village, in the village and in the soul of the Vietnamese people. It is shaped and increasingly elevated into a proud Tea Culture of our country.
The selection of tea, not only to taste, but also the deep understanding of the herbal, health benefits of each type of tea and passion. To contemplate that. Over the centuries, the society has changed, changed tremendously, the way of drinking tea, tea, the form of tea also has significant changes. One thing is certain, however, that our country's tea culture remains endowed with noble values.
To meet the needs of the society CASA has launched many different types of tea, green tea, pink tea, milk tea ... With carefully selected raw materials, quality assurance for consumers .
The product has been analyzed and tested according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22000: 2005.